Bigger is Better: Condo Upgrades on Your Next Pandemic Purchase

03 February 2021

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to homes, the old adage goes. Then, the pandemic hit. With everything happening at home now, everyone’s looking for more square footage, even condo dwellers. Aside from supporting varied lifestyles, the extra space allows people to enjoy peace in whatever they do.

Who would have thought that a few square meters would give the sense of stability people need in this time of crisis? In the era of social distancing, bigger is better — and that additional floor area should serve a good purpose. It must have the amenities that would further improve your sense of comfort and convenience.

Look for these features as you go big in your next condo purchase:


Home Office

Work from home is the new normal. According to Lamudi’s data, amenities connected with working from home accounted for 20.82% of searches in 2020. These include air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and broadband connectivity. Even with the gradual reopening of offices, remote work will be part of companies’ operations in one way or another. You probably wouldn’t want to host your virtual meetings in the kitchen or the living room, where kids are having their online classes. Look for a condo unit that has a flexible space for a home office.

Midpark Towers, a condominium development by Aseana Residential Holdings Corp. (ARHC), offers units with large living formats enabling future residents to conveniently make room for a workspace. Its studio unit has 40sqm. The two-bedroom has 80sqm, and the three-bedroom has 120sqm. The layout of the spaces follows the open-floor plan, which further adds to the airy atmosphere.



Balconies in condos have long been underrated. As the pandemic limited the time people spend in recreational spaces outside, people have found a new appreciation for these outdoor areas. Properties with a balcony, terrace, parking lot, or carport accounted for 12.42% of searches on the platform in 2020. As Lamudi property seekers look for properties with open spaces, this trend is expected to continue into 2021. A balcony or a terrace is actually a versatile space. It can be an urban garden, an intimate dining area, or a yoga space. You can even work here if you want a view of the city to ease the worries and stress.

The good thing about units in Midpark Towers is that balconies offer ample living space. You can go all out in decorating your garden and host an alfresco dinner party, celebrating with loved ones and friends. Go big at home.


Green, Open Spaces

Sometimes, the air and the view from the balcony does little to relieve cabin fever. In these cases, the simple, obvious fix is to go outside. This is why as much as you want your next condo to have a home office or a balcony, you should be on the lookout for lush, open spaces, too — the kind that puts you in a relaxed mode because there’s plenty of space for social distancing and plenty of greenery for stress relief.

Areas for active leisure accounted for 18.91% of searches on Lamudi, which includes swimming pools, gardens, and gyms. Property seekers also gravitate towards bigger spaces and additional storage, with a garage, built-in wardrobe, and ensuite accounting for 10.6% of searches on Lamudi. Not only do property seekers want bigger floor spaces where they can enjoy a better quality of life indoors, they also want a bigger outdoor area to accommodate their active lifestyle.

At Midpark Towers, you can expect an abundance of vast, lush areas, ideal for recreation. You wouldn’t have to constantly think about distancing. Even the hallways indoors are low-density, so crowding wouldn’t be a problem. What’s more, the amenity deck features different facilities such as daycare, library lounge, fully equipped fitness gyms, swimming pools, and outdoor lanais.


Essential and Retail Establishments

It may feel like going overboard to find a condo that has essential establishments such as supermarkets, retail spaces, boutique stores, and restaurants, but in the age of the pandemic, this is a must-have for convenience and comfort. Truth be told, there are modern condominium developments that already offer this. Midpark Towers is one.

The condominium building has direct access to Ayala Malls Manila Bay via a bridgeway. Living here, you wouldn’t have to experience any hassle reaching the supermarket or your favorite restaurant. What’s more, the development is close to Aseana City’s linear mixed-use and park development called Parqal. This retail strip will host plenty of brands, as well as green, open spaces, perfect for leisure-loving Midpark Towers residents.
Bigger is better. Amid the pandemic, these upgrades are necessities you should find in your next condo. They improve comfort and convenience in this time of crisis. For more information about Midpark Towers, check out their development page on Lamudi.

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