Water that turned into land.

There's a miracle in there, somewhere.

An extension of life.

Of dreams,

Of simple pleasures.

Aseana City was borne out of the sea.

204 hectares of comfort,luxury and security; of sustainable living and a booming business community;

Aseana City is sitting along the shorelines of Manila Bay, extending Southwest to Roxas Boulevard, right across the famous Manila Bay sunset.

The sun fires up Aseana's grand plans for the future.

It fuels the imagination to create a living, breathing metrapolis.

Aseana Holdings Inc., planned a landscaped green city along Manila Bay, spanning 1.2 kms. along Roxas Boulevard. The expansive lands are the future grounds for homes, offices, malls, hotels, casino and yes, even a yacht club.



Aseana City is located along the shoreline of Manila Bay, extending Northeast to Roxas Boulevard within ParaƱaque, with an approximate total area of two hundred four (204) hectares.

A Priority Project of the Philippine Government
Aseana City (107 hectares), forms part and parcel of the Central Business Park Island B&C (204 hectares) which forms the Manila Cavite-Coastal Road and Reclamation Project (MCCRRP). The Project is being undertaken by the Philippine Reclamation Authority(formerly PEA), in behalf of the Philippine Government, MCCRRP has been upgraded as priority undertaking the Manila Bay BOULEVARD 2000 Project.

Aseana City is a Flagship National Government Project being implemented by the Philippine Reclamation Authority along the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) scheme andpursuant to existing special laws and Executive Orders.

Partnership Between Government and Private Corporations
The Philippine Reclamation Authority, in turn, has partnered with R-1 Consortium, composed of D.M. Wenceslao & Associates and its partners, to reclaim and develop approximately 204 hectares of land along Manila Bay.

The project extends westward from and along Roxas Boulevard with a length of approximate perpendicular distance of 1.5kms, Aseana City is bounded on the North by the Redemptorist Channel and the SM Mall of Asia Development, And on the South, it is bounded by the Asiaworld and Pagcor Entertainment City Developments.


To initiate and create sustainable city-scale real estate products which will complement and contribute to the local community and national development